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A Moving Checklist to Make Your Move Seamless

Posted on March 3, 2014 in

A Moving Checklist to Make Your Move Seamless

1. Ask for Advice  Most people have moved at some point in their lives, and their experience with movers in the past is invaluable. Check with friends and family to see what moving advice and recommendations they have to share! This is the first item on our moving checklist, because experience is priceless!

  • Ask those you trust if they can recommend any moving companies
  • Ask what problems, if any, they had and how they could have prevented them

2. Check review sites such as Angie’s list and Yelp

  • Most large review sites have listings, reviews, and helpful information for most reputable businesses.
  • You can also check a company’s Facebook page. Click here to see ours!

3. Make an inventory of items in your home. 

  • Creating a list of items you are moving will give you a good feel for the size of your move as well as how long it will take    you to pack.
  • Many moving companies require a home inventory before they will give an estimate
  • Ensure your list is comprehensive
  • Click here  and here for helpful articles on making a home inventory.

4. Research for discounts and coupons that could be applied to your move.

  • If you do find coupons for an upcoming move, ensure you are aware of any restrictions included in the coupon

5. Ask about any deposits you may be charged to schedule your move.

  • Many moving companies require a deposit to schedule your move, but most of the time it will be applied to your move or    refunded
  • Some companies do not require a deposit, but do keep a credit card number on file

 6. Ask about overall pricing and time minimums. 

  • Pricing varies widely between moving companies so knowing what you will be charged is key.
  • Many moving companies have minimum move times and therefore minimum prices.
  • Most moving companies offer a wide variety of moving services, so find what will work best for your move.

7. Ask about the number of movers you will have . 

  • More movers will decrease the total time of your move, but will generally come at a higher price.
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Moving Dawgs’ Moving Checklist

Ensure you are aware of the minimum and a final cost (if possible) of your move before your schedule.  Addressing all of the moving checklist items above should help toward creating a smooth, stress-free moving experience. We hope this moving checklist has been helpful to you! If you have any questions about moving, please email us at info@movingdawgs.com or call 1-800-712-5865. 

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Happy Moving!


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